Yong-le: Year 9, Month 7, Day 25 (14 Aug 1411)
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Bai-li-mi-su-la, the king of the country of Melaka, leading his wife, children and attendant ministers, a total of over 540 persons, came to Court. Previously, on being advised of the king's impending arrival, the Emperor had been concerned as he knew that, without qualms, the king had left his homeland and travelled far across the seas. Thus, he immediately sent officials to go and look after him and ordered the authorities to make arrangements for him at the Interpreters Institute. On this day, the king presented a memorial, had an audience and offered tribute of local products. The Emperor personally banqueted and rewarded the king at Feng-tian Gate and provided a banquet for the king's consort and officials elsewhere. He also ordered the Court of Imperial Entertainments to daily supply the guests with meats and Imperial wines. The Ministry of Rites was ordered to confer upon the king two suits of clothing embroidered in gold, a set of qi-lin robes, gold and silver utensils, drapes, mats and bedding. Patterned fine silks, silk gauzes and suits of clothing, as appropriate, were conferred upon the king's consort, children, nephews, ministers and attendants.
Tai-zong: juan 117.3b-4a Zhong-yang Yan-jiu yuan Ming Shi-lu, volume 12, page 1490/91
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