Yong-le: Year 2, Month 4, Day 16

24 May 1404

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The person sent by the Che-li Pacification Superintendent Dao Xian-da came to Court and admitted guilt. Previously, Dao Xian-da had, without authority, despatched his forces to attack Wei-yuan Subprefecture. They seized the subprefectural magistrate Dao Suan-dang and others. When the events were advised, the Emperor had ordered the Xi-ping Marquis Mu Sheng to send people to instruct him, and, if he did not repent, to despatch troops to eliminate him. Thus, Dao Xian-da was frightened and returned the subprefectural magistrate he had captured and the territory of Wei-yuan Subprefecture which he had occupied. He also sent his younger brother Dao La to the capital to offer tribute of horses and local products as an admission of guilt. The Censorate officials memorialized:

"We should first send Dao La and so on to the judicial offices and later arrest and punish Dao Xian-da so as to display appropriate discipline."

The Emperor called forth the censor-in-chief Chen Ying and instructed him, saying: 

"The man and the yi have the nature of birds and animals. Whenever there is any small trouble, they quickly begin feuding. For those willing to change their ways, why do we need to use force? If someone changes their ways and then they are again punished, it is treating them as if they had not changed at all. How will they then listen to the law!"

Tai-zong: juan 30.8b

Zhong-yang Yan-jiu yuan Ming Shi-lu, volume 10, page 548

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