Yong-le: Year 9, Month 9, Day 29

16 Oct 1411

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The persons sent by Dao Xian-da, the Che-li Military and Civilian Pacification Superintendent, and Ban Yang-lan, the native official of Bo-ni, offered tribute of elephants and horses. Paper money and silks were conferred upon all of them.

Tai-zong: juan 119.5a

Zhong-yang Yan-jiu yuan Ming Shi-lu, volume 12, page 1511

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Geoff Wade, translator, Southeast Asia in the Ming Shi-lu: an open access resource, Singapore: Asia Research Institute and the Singapore E-Press, National University of Singapore, http://epress.nus.edu.sg/msl/reign/yong-le/year-9-month-9-day-29, accessed January 22, 2019


Bo-ni is wrong. This Original Chinese character 漢字 is (波勒)which shuold be translated as " Bo-le"